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Tour of custom KADE fightstick powered by miniConsole+

Here’s a tour of the KADE powered fightstick that we’ll be giving away in our Facebook and Twitter contest. This is a one of a kind fightstick, built with top quality components and powered by KADE miniConsole+. We’ll post information about

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LCD display connected to KADE miniConsole+ expansion port

This video shows how an optional LCD expansion board is connected to KADE miniConsole+ device via the 8 pin expansion port. The LCD is invaluable for debugging and development and allows us to display useful information about the connected gamepad

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Connecting KADE miniConsole+ to computers and consoles

This video shows how miniConsole+ can be connected to various computers and consoles. The miniConsole+ device has 2 outputs ports – USB and RJ45. The USB port can be used to connect to USB compatible systems including PC, Windows, Linux,

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First ever- direct 3rd party USB Wii U input! February Kickstarter.

First ever- direct 3rd party usb controller input to the Wii U! We are super excited about all the new features we are adding tot he KADE miniConsole+.  As we get ready for our February kickstarter, we want to show

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2013 BYOAC User Choice Award for Best Hardware

The KADE team are very proud to be awarded the 2013 BYOAC User Choice Award for Best Hardware and are honored to receive it from the community of arcade enthusiasts who have supported and inspired us over the last year.

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KADE update- email sales are open!

The question we are asked more than anything else is “when are you going to sell KADEs for people who missed the Kickstarter?” The KADE team is proud to announce limited email sales are now open! Most (or all) of the proceeds are

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