Pics of prototype metallic case

Some pics of our miniConsole+ device inside a prototype metallic case.


We think our device looks pretty neat in this shiny black aluminium case.  We’re considering other case options too such as clear acrylic.
If you plan to use miniConsole+ inside an arcade stick or cabinet then you won’t need a case.



You can see that the device has 3 ports.  Gamepads connect to the DB15 port (via an adapter cable).  At the other end we have the output ports.  USB compatible systems connect to the USB port (Type B) and other supported systems connect to the RJ45 port (via an adapter cable).  The miniConsole+ will automatically detect which systems and gamepads are connected and allow them to to communicate with each other.

We’ll be supplying DB15 and RJ45 adapter cables for all of the gamepads and systems that we support.  Alternatively,  you will be able to make your own by modifying a controller extension cable and following our DIY guide.

Here are more pics to show miniConsole+ connected to various gamepads and systems.

20150402_133533 20150402_134140 20150402_134755

Here’s a short video to show some of the stuff that connects to KADE miniConsole+.

Kickstarter will be soon.  We decided to delay things a little so we could cram in lots of extra functionality.
Stay tuned for more information about the KADE miniConsole+.







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