Connecting KADE miniConsole+ to computers and consoles

This video shows how miniConsole+ can be connected to various computers and consoles.

The miniConsole+ device has 2 outputs ports – USB and RJ45.

The USB port can be used to connect to USB compatible systems including PC, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, Playstation 3.
The USB port can also be used to connect to non-standard USB systems including WiiU and original Xbox.

The RJ45 port can be used to connect to Playstation 1, Playstation 2.
RJ45 can also be used to connect to a Wiimote controller for wireless gameplay on Wii, WiiU and any other system that has bluetooth and support for Wiimote drivers.
The Playstation output can also be used in conjunction with third-party converter cables such as Xbox 360 and Dreamcast.

Finally, we made a multi-out add-on board to provide output options to older consoles and systems. The add-on board supports NES, SNES, Neo Geo, Megadrive/Genesis and other 9 pin based systems.

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