Preview of KADE miniConsole+ Gamepad Mapper Software

The KADE miniConsole+ device supports a great many systems, retro gamepads and controllers.  Best of all,  the device is plug and play.

Plug and play is great but we think there will be some of you that like to tinker and change the default gamepad assignments used by the device.  For this reason,  we developed a gamepad configuration tool specifically for the KADE miniConsole+ and we are really excited about it.  We call it the “mapper” and it will help you to get the most from your device by allowing you to configure gamepad mappings to your own liking.   It is easy to use and intuitive – the mapper shows you how your gamepad maps are interpreted by the various output systems.   To apply changes you simply plug your miniConsole+ device to a USB port and click the “Flash icon”.  Your custom settings are then stored in the memory of the device.  Happy days!


The utility is cross platform and runs on Windows and Mac. A Linux version should be available soon.


The miniConsole+ device itself is plug and play out of the box so this utility is not essential and is not aimed at everyone. The utility is intended for those that want to tinker with the settings and make changes to the default gamepad assignments.  The mapper will allow you to manage your gamepad configurations in one place,  rather than customising each and every emulator that you are running for example.

You can verify your updated mappings using the built-in gamepad tester.


Our gamepad mapper does some pretty neat stuff.

  • Multiple outputs can be mapped to a single input to simulate button combos.
  • Digital input can be mapped to analog output and vice versa.
  • You can force output to a single system to make the device work in a specific way. e.g. You may want to use PS3, or Xbox output on a PC. The device itself is plug and play and does not require any drivers for operation.
  • There are up to 34 mappable inputs per gamepad. There is a page scroll button at the bottom of screen to access all of the other available inputs for the gamepad. The second page includes the analog inputs such as left stick, right stick and shoulder buttons.
  • Gamepad configurations can be saved and exported for use on other computers.
  • Drivers (to flash/program the device) are automatically installed with the software.
  • A built-in gamepad tester (developed specifically for KADE miniConsole+) can be used to verify all of your gamepad inputs.
  • The utility makes it easy for you to apply KADE firmware updates to the miniConsole+ device to make sure that you benefit from all the latest features as they become available.

The KickStarter project for KADE miniConsole+ will be starting soon. It would be great if you would consider backing our project. We’ll update to let you know when the project is underway.

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